JT Ozerities


JT, short for Jonathan Thomas. But that name only comes out when he’s in trouble with his mom or pays a visit to the Secretary of State.

At Symbiont, JT is responsible for creating new sales opportunities and making connections—where his outgoing personality, communication skills and love of lending a helping hand make him a natural fit.

In addition to his experience in high-end retail and compliance SaaS sales, JT also brings a dedication to learning and a team player spirit honed on the track and football fields at Robert Morris University.

As a kid, JT’s love of planes translated into an infatuation with “Top Gun” and an ability to recite all the movie lines at will. When he doesn’t feel the need… the need for speed, JT can be found golfing, traveling or spending time with family.

times watched
“Top Gun”
rounds of golf played this year
times Ozerities has been mispronounced (soon to be 4,900)

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