Todd Getz


Pronounced like ‘gehtz,’ not ‘gets.’ Although Todd gets lots of things. He’s like the office Guy Friday.

As a Partner at Symbiont Group, Todd Getz is responsible for all internal office operations, including accounting and finance, office space, HR-related matters and recruiting. He’s also in charge of placing the Amazon Prime Pantry order, which makes him everyone’s favorite.

Todd is highly experienced in professional services, having worked at organizations like Acquity Group, Accenture, Ernst & Young, Capgemini, Hewitt and Fruition Partners. His background also includes preparing a company for IPO, post-IPO operations and institutional sale.

When Todd isn’t counting beans at his desk, you can find him counting crunches and reps while instructing his Pilates clients. He’s an avid cyclist, biking around the lakefront or into work—which just makes the rest of us look bad.

number of spreadsheets maintained
vacations planned
office walls painted

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