Build better sales and marketing campaigns.

Symbiont Group is a sales and marketing agency that helps B2B companies target, connect, engage, retain, reactivate and sell MORE.

Flexible sales and marketing campaigns rooted in proven methodology.

You know the world is changing. But knowing how to navigate that change and its impact on how you market and sell your services and solutions? That’s our specialty.

We design campaigns that are flexible enough to be built around where your needs, goals and customers are right now while being firmly rooted in clear thinking and proven methodology.

The end result? Sales and marketing campaigns that work as hard (and as smart) as you do.

Build awareness + pipeline in a changing market

Launch campaigns faster

Generate more qualified leads

Set the foundation for more successful campaigns

Understand your market and audience better

Do great work and achieve great things.

Our philosophy is that simple (and that effective). Here are some of the clients we’ve done great work for.

Read about how we helped our information technology client develop a complete top-of-funnel lead generation process to fill their sales pipeline


Developed a complete top-of-funnel lead generation process and delivered 27 qualified leads



Executed sales campaigns that generated $2.5M in pipeline and filled the top of the funnel with 21 qualified leads and 8 SQLs



Attracted more qualified prospects to their website and increased lead generation

Ready to build better campaigns?

We help B2B companies connect, engage, retain, reactivate and sell MORE through targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

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