Jackie Cassin


The name is Jackie. Sassy Jackie. And she’s the one and only despite what that chick in Massachusetts says.   

As a child, paint-by-numbers was Jackie’s jam. Lucky for us (and our clients), her skills have improved since then.   

Jackie is an expert at encouraging and facilitating shenanigans. She’s also an expert at making both digital and print stuff look good.  

But with more than ten years of graphic design experience, Jackie’s creations are more than pretty. She incorporates strategy into everything she designs, taking into account factors such as audience, objective and user experience. 

When not making strategically pretty things, Jackie is into binging tv shows. Some of her favorites include Friends, Mad Men and, of course, Game of Thrones. She’s always been #TeamStark. Not that anyone asked.

fonts in her design arsenal
stamped pennies collected
photos of her dogs on phone
(and counting)

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