Michael O’Sullivan


Michael, aka Sully. This nickname comes from his last name and the beloved character in Monster’s, Inc. At this point, only his mom (and “professional” business associates like us) call him Michael.

At Symbiont, Michael is our Director of Business Development He is expected to train, guide and lead our sales reps, and oversees the team’s strategy and execution. Additionally, Michael is responsible for identifying sales opportunities, qualifying sales leads and building relationships with Symbiont's clients and prospects.

Michael is a natural communicator and relationship builder, which has helped him find success in the sales world. Along with his business development and sales experience, Michael has also worked as a sports broadcaster—which is fitting as he often jokes he has a face for radio.

Aside from watching, playing and broadcasting sports, a big part of Michael’s childhood was spent watching classic movies and listening to Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison and Motown’s greatest hits. That said, he is constantly labeled an ‘old soul’ and a harsh critic of new movies and music by his friends.

college basketball games watched weekly
extra-large Dunkin' coffee daily
people who think he looks like Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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