Sana Khadilkar


Sana’s tried to make a few nicknames stick, but when most are longer than your given name, they don’t make much sense. So, she’s stuck with the original: Sana.

As a copywriter at Symbiont, she’s responsible for crafting engaging social media, email, blog and website content. She draws on her strong writing and communication skills, as well as her love for creative writing, to compose unique and consistent pieces tailored to each brand.

When she’s not typing away on her laptop, Sana still likes to get creative, whether that means dreaming up a chocolate cake in the kitchen or using watercolors to paint a Bob Ross-esque scenery.

To relax, she binge-watches Netflix, and she’s definitely not above a trashy teen drama.

chocolate chip cookies eaten weekly
episodes of
The Great British Baking Show
watched (today)
replays of Ariana Grande’s “Piano”

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