Jon Borg-Breen

Co-Founder + Head of Sales

Mostly goes by JBB, since shortening Jonathan to Jon just wasn’t enough. It also stops the whole Borg and Breen discussion with the Trekkers.

Organizationally, JBB is Head of Sales. Around the office he’s better known as the chief disruptor.

JBB has over 20 years of management consulting and digital experience, which he uses to advise companies on the role of digital in their organization and digital transformation initiatives. Having managed digital strategy and marketing teams, he’s acutely aware that good ideas don’t matter unless you have the ability to execute them.

JBB has experience with a broad range of clients, including Johnson Controls, Ericsson, Walgreens, Blackberry, Grainger, Delphi, Nissan, Thermo Fisher and Brady Corporation. Not that he’s into bragging.

As a lifelong consultant, JBB wanted to try something different. So he started Symbiont to help companies make money instead of just building more capabilities.

When not challenging the status quo, JBB can be found playing with his wife and three girls. His personal credits include teaching a whole new generation “Hey Ho, Let’s Go” and whatever “Gabba Gabba Hey” means.

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