Enhanced marketing operations, crafting a core content strategy and boosting online reach

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Vistio needed a skilled marketing partner that could supplement and expand their capabilities as they continued growing their internal team. While their primary focus was to optimize their ads and better target their audience, Vistio’s marketing team also wanted to enhance their product messaging and strategy to improve awareness.

Having previously collaborated with an agency on paid ads, the Vistio team was seeking a partner that could expand their reach while optimizing spend, leading them to us.

“The Symbiont Group team provided us with valuable expertise in developing a holistic marketing strategy, working with us to align our messaging, content and outreach to best connect with our audience.”

– Jeff Vahrenwald, VP of Marketing at Vistio


We worked with Vistio to refine their audience and core messaging, improve their website content and establish a consistent strategy across several channels.

Outbound marketing

To gain insight into their potential buyers and the buying process, we set up an outbound marketing campaign process with Vistio’s marketing team. We executed industry-specific sales and marketing campaigns, gaining a strong understanding of how Vistio’s messaging was resonating with audiences.

Content strategy

To determine how Vistio could better attract and engage their customers, we conducted A/B testing on their website. Based on the results and Vistio’s viewer survey feedback, we optimized messaging and incorporated videos, seeing an increase in viewers and time on page.

Analyzing weekly reports on Vistio’s website, ads and newsletter performance, we worked with their team to craft a core content strategy, developing new blog posts centered around the concept of improving the call center agent experience.

We continually evaluated analytics reports and made adjustments, ensuring their website continued to meet potential customers’ expectations and broaden their online reach.

Scalable support

While Vistio continued building their team, we scaled our activities to fit their needs. Since beginning our partnership in April 2021, we gained a thorough understanding of their business and knew how to best support their team as their priorities evolved.

We extended our content strategy to social media posts, ads and newsletters, releasing agent-centric content that grew Vistio’s presence on LinkedIn, while managing website and SEO maintenance.

“As we looked to expand different efforts or channels, the Symbiont team was always ready to offer that support and deliver.”

– Jeff Vahrenwald, VP of Marketing at Vistio


Customer service software


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Vistio is a contact center technology company that is committed to improving the call center agent experience and helping agents navigate customer interactions more quickly and accurately. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Vistio brings a high level of expertise that helps contact centers optimize the way they work.

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