Generating top-of-funnel sales qualified leads

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+ Executed campaigns that generated $2.5M in pipeline and filled the top-of-the-funnel sales with 21 qualified leads and 8 SQLs

+ Set 32 meetings that resulted in 2 net-new deals

+ Created CRM dashboards to give management full visibility into pipeline opportunities, sales rep performance and lead source effectiveness


Establish an outbound sales channel that creates awareness of Bridgeline’s Unbound digital experience platform while filling the top of the sales pipeline with qualified leads.


Implement a demand generation strategy that optimizes existing inbound marketing channels, improves sales and marketing alignment and produces net-new deals.


Bridgeline Digital helps customers build better digital experiences through its powerful Unbound platform. Despite transforming digital experiences for some of the world’s largest brands, Bridgeline wanted to improve its ability to develop awareness and demand for Unbound outside its network.

While its internal sales team was adept at managing and closing existing leads, they had no processes in place to reliably generate net-new pipeline. And Bridgeline’s inbound marketing activities produced leads, but those leads were sourced from a lead generation website whose data was often inaccurate and untargeted.

So Bridgeline went looking for a lead generation partner who could augment its sales and marketing teams, gather intelligence on target markets and drive more sales-qualified leads. And that search led them to us.

“Symbiont has enhanced the way we do business and generate business. Not only did they build campaigns that rapidly generated $2.5M in pipeline, but they also helped us identify personas, refine messaging, and tweak our sales and marketing processes to provide CRM visibility that will continue to serve us in the future.”

– Tom McGourty, Executive Vice President of Strategic Alliances


We developed and implemented a repeatable lead generation process that combined Bridgeline’s inbound marketing channel with a new outbound sales program to keep the top of the funnel filled with qualified sales opportunities.

After developing buyer personas, product positioning and content recommendations, we ran multiple outbound campaigns simultaneously to test messaging across the manufacturing, auto aftermarket, healthcare, association and financial services industries. And, based on the performance of each campaign, we refined the messaging and target accounts—allowing us to be more intentional and effective with who we prospected in each iteration.

In total, we ran nine campaign variations lasting four weeks each. In addition to filling the top of the pipeline with 21 qualified leads and 8 SQLs, we helped Bridgeline identify product-market fit, develop lead management and nurturing processes, improve pipeline and opportunity management and determine specific partnerships and alliances to leverage as additional revenue streams.

Each of these activities resulted in better targeting, improved lead tracking, increased lead follow-up, more accurate quarterly revenue expectations—and revenue growth.


Despite having Salesforce and ContactMonkey, Bridgeline didn’t have a line of sight into the activities of their sales team—or ours. So we created Salesforce dashboards that allowed Bridgeline to track prospects by revenue channel, lead source and lead owner.

Bridgeline can now see the number of leads generated, meetings set, meetings run and both qualified and converted opportunities. They can also track sales rep activities, including the number of dials, emails, meetings, generated opportunities and closes.


Our demand generation strategy optimized Bridgeline’s existing inbound marketing channels and aligned sales and marketing activities across departments. Through unified messaging and strategic content recommendations, Bridgeline was able to confidently and effectively distribute content across sales channels.

Our outbound sales program filled the top of the funnel with qualified opportunities and our recommendations created a framework for developing a profitable partner channel. Additionally, the CRM dashboards we created provided Bridgeline’s management with full visibility into pipeline opportunities, sales rep performance and lead source effectiveness.


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