Better Leads.
Increased Efficiency.
More Revenue.

Symbiont Group is a B2B lead generation agency that helps companies engage their target customers, generate quality leads and close more deals.

When sales and marketing work together, you make more money

At Symbiont, sales and marketing combine to form one lead generation super team.


They communicate. They work together. They help achieve your objectives (like selling more stuff).


Our marketers identify, attract and engage your prospects, generating leads for our sales reps to nurture, convert and hand over to your team to close.

You know your company is awesome. Do your future customers?

We help increase your brand’s credibility and visibility by tempting your audience with compelling blog posts, landing pages, email campaigns and more.


Not all leads are good leads. So everything we do is designed with your ideal customer and their unique buyer journey in mind.


We connect with your prospects at every stage of the sale, pulling them through the buying process with targeted content and communications.

Real results. Real companies.

Powered by humans

We aren’t hamsters on a wheel constantly churning out content. Nor are we a cold calling robots mechanically pounding out dials.


We’ve spent our sales and marketing careers poking, prodding and picking up what works, why it works and how it can be supported.


And that knowledge informs everything we do.

Get inside our heads.

We like to share. So we have a blog.