Stop Sales Chaos with a Step-by-step Campaign Playbook

For sales teams, meeting with prospects, closing deals and boosting revenue depends on the framework, resources and content they have in place.

So when those tools are hard to find, are outdated or have gaps, it creates inconsistencies in sales outreach across your team—not to mention making it harder to attract and nurture leads.

What’s the fix?

Sales teams need a resource that clearly outlines every step of the campaign management and outreach process in one place, so they can deliver results faster. And campaign playbooks provide the answer.

Where do you start?

Campaign playbooks build on the strategies you use to define and build sales campaigns. It’s all about documenting that information and turning it into a complete resource, so that your sales team has an effective, repeatable process to work from.

When our client Morrison & Morrison wanted to establish a sales campaign process that could set the foundation for an internal sales team, we knew campaign playbooks were the right move to help them grow.

Here’s the breakdown of our method.

1. Identify your campaign.

The first step is to identify your sales campaign(s) and the crucial components you need to put them together.

What are your target companies and roles? What’s your campaign message? Do you have the assets you need? These questions will provide you with an overview of your campaign, from your target audience to your campaign narrative.

For Morrison & Morrison, this meant three separate campaigns targeting casinos, nonprofits and media & entertainment companies—and a customized solution definition for each industry.

Once we tailored Morrison & Morrison’s campaign messaging for each audience, we took a look at the assets we had and the ones we needed to create. At this stage, collect the assets you’ll use for each campaign and mark what content will need to be developed—all of this information will be a part of your campaign playbook.

And an important tip: as you figure out the right content for your campaign, make sure to consider what channels your audience uses and what content they respond to.

2. Assemble your content.

Once you’ve identified what you’ve got and what you’re missing, the next step is to modify existing content and build new content to fit your campaign’s needs.

Because we’d previously conducted campaigns for Morrison & Morrison’s casino and nonprofit audiences, we already had landing pages and case studies to start with. We updated that existing content, while creating net-new emails, case studies, webinar content, talk tracks and social posts based on each audience’s unique challenges.

3. Solidify your outreach process.

Business development representatives (BDRs) need a thorough understanding of how the outreach process will work, what channels they’ll need to use and the timeline they’ll need to follow.

Define the key activities your BDRs need to execute, whether those are phone dials, 1:1 email sends, LinkedIn InMails, etc.

To outline this process for Morrison & Morrison, we developed a comprehensive catalog of their BDR’s activities by day and week, assembling a chart like the one below to keep things clear and consistent for current and future BDRs.

a chart highlighting the types of contact made during each week of a 5-week campaign

As we moved through each week of Morrison & Morrison’s sales campaigns, we checked in with their BDR to answer their questions and ensure they had everything they needed to nurture prospects.

4. Package it up

When you have defined your approach, put together the right content, and structured your outreach activities, you have everything you need for a comprehensive campaign-in-a-box that your sales team can leverage to streamline their process. (And turn more prospects into buyers.)

For Morrison & Morrison, we developed three highly specific campaign playbooks for each industry that their BDR could plug and play, making it a lot easier for their team to execute and manage campaigns as they move forward.

And, as Morrison & Morrison’s sales capabilities continue to expand, those campaign playbooks can help their team onboard new BDRs by giving them a clear picture of how to run a sales campaign, the right way.

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