Developed and grew an in-house sales team through industry-specific content, sales enablement and BDR training

Public Accounting and Consulting Services

Looking to build an in-house sales team, Morrison & Morrison needed a partner to help establish a sales campaign process, provide marketing collateral and train and enable their newly hired business development representative (BDR) to run campaigns, conduct outreach and set meetings.

Having found success with the sales motion, content and brand that we previously created for them, Morrison & Morrison asked us to develop and elevate their sales resources and capabilities.


We worked with Morrison & Morrison to set up their internal sales campaign process by building industry-specific campaigns and training their BDR to effectively handle sales outreach and campaign management.

“The Symbiont team delivered the mechanics, content and support we were looking for to get our sales capabilities off the ground. Now, we have a proven method and comprehensive toolkit to manage and grow our sales team.”

– Marc Moskowitz, Partner at Morrison & Morrison

Industry-specific messaging

For past sales campaigns, we’d helped Morrison & Morrison curate a solution definition that targeted the casino audience. Since Morrison & Morrison wanted to focus on targeting the nonprofit and media & entertainment industries, as well as continue to target the casino audience, with the same solution, we began refining their message based on each industry’s unique challenges and Morrison & Morrison’s specific expertise in those spaces.

We evaluated, adjusted and created content as well, generating industry-specific landing pages, case studies, marketing emails, sell sheets, webinar content and social posts to ensure each audience was receiving the right information at the right time.

As we developed and leveraged case studies, Morrison & Morrison saw the value case studies had for their audience, expanding their use to presentations and webinar topics.

Sales training and enablement

For each campaign, we developed all-in-one campaign playbooks that outlined the target audience, relevant content and messaging and sales outreach materials, from talk tracks to emails.

While we produced this content, we also guided Morrison & Morrison’s BDR on how to manage and execute campaigns to achieve results. We directed their BDR through lead lists, sales processes and outreach cadences while assisting with handling objections, nurturing prospects and engaging with former clients.

Adjustable support

As Morrison & Morrison’s sales capabilities expanded, we continuously gauged what they needed and delivered it, with the goal of helping their BDR learn how to run sale campaigns independently.

Today, their BDR has the strategies, tools and processes to identify new sales campaigns and leverages our continued marketing support to execute them.

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Public Accounting and Consulting Services


Morrison & Morrison is a certified public accounting and consulting firm headquartered in the Chicago Loop that has been in business for over 75 years. The company partners with its clients to deliver high quality and high touch accounting, tax and consulting services.

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