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As Wizard looked to engage and sign new clients, they needed a marketing agency that could support their internal sales team with buyer persona research, tailored messaging, content creation and outbound sales execution.

The software solutions company also sought a partner that could help them get a better understanding of their target audience’s challenges and needs.


We helped Wizard engage new prospects and grow their business by honing in on their audience’s challenges, producing content for every stage of the buyer journey and executing integrated sales campaigns.

“The Symbiont team took a deep dive into our target audience, giving us key knowledge on what our prospects wanted to hear and how we could deliver through our product message. And they moved our sales and marketing process in the direction it needed to go, helping us expand our sales team and scale our business.”

– Kris Kelly, President and Owner at Wizard Software Solutions


We conducted strategy workshops to prioritize campaign opportunities and develop an integrated sales and marketing plan. We evaluated Wizard’s audience, channels, content and systems, determining where the company had found success and where they had gaps. As part of our research into Wizard’s audience, we interviewed their current clients to better define the buying and decision-making process.

With these insights, we knew prospects wanted to see the value of Wizard’s products. So, we refocused their product messaging on how their software solves problems for clients, rather than highlighting features and functions.

With this approach in mind, we refined Wizard’s brand message and identified the content they needed for campaign distribution and event promotion. Then, we assembled content for all phases of the path to purchase, crafting blog posts and talk tracks as well as interactive content like case studies, video storyboards, webinars and event collateral.

To identify opportunities for differentiation, we repeatedly evaluated Wizard’s top competitors’ messaging, content and social engagement, updating product and services messaging and content to reflect their software’s unique selling points.


We built and executed integrated sales campaigns including lead generation and net-new prospecting campaigns that targeted Wizard’s core audiences. These campaigns created a full sales funnel and enabled Wizard to grow their sales head count so they could expand net-new prospecting.

To equip their sales team with the tools they needed to manage campaigns successfully, we developed a thorough campaign framework including sales emails, talk tracks, case studies, sell sheets and guides. As Wizard launched new products and versions or wanted to showcase new customer stories, we created and updated their sales enablement content to match.


The client interviews we conducted helped us understand how important event marketing and customer relationships were to Wizard’s revenue cycle. As the pandemic halted in-person events, we focused on virtual client activities like roundtables, webinars and virtual knowledge sharing events.

Through these events, the Wizard sales team was able to engage with clients, demonstrate new features and gather valuable insights into how customers were using their products.


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Capital Program & Construction, Maintenance Management and Lease Administration Software


Wizard Software Solutions delivers solutions that are simple to use, with powerful feature sets, yet flexible enough to be tailored to the specific needs of capital project managers, facility managers and lease administrators. For over 30 years, Fortune 1000 corporations and major healthcare systems, universities and state and local governments have trusted Wizard to deliver software solutions that align with the way they work.

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