Building an infrastructure for aggressive growth


+ Elevated the recognition of NovoScale as a ServiceNow solution provider

+ Created a scalable sales and marketing process to fill the top of the funnel with new leads

+ Executed sales campaigns that have delivered 10 MQLs and four opportunities, including multi-year engagements


Improve NovoScale’s ability to generate leads, sell ServiceNow solutions and increase shareholder value.


Build a sales and marketing infrastructure that supports NovoScale’s evolved brand identity and achieves aggressive growth objectives.


After gaining significant traction implementing, integrating and customizing the ServiceNow platform, VSI—a technology and business process solutions outsourcing company—created an offshoot to provide ServiceNow solutions exclusively. The new company was rebranded as NovoScale.

NovoScale recognized the shift from VSI created distinct business challenges. First, they would need to position and build awareness as a ServiceNow solutions provider. Second, they would have to create messaging to promote it. And third, they would need to sell ServiceNow solutions directly to clients—instead of relying solely on partner relationships and referrals.

With those challenges in mind, they came to us for help.

“We had a challenging growth model that we were trying to achieve with one sales person and one marketing person. We needed an agency like Symbiont that could work on a variety of different levels to help us achieve our goals.”

– Jeffrey Gregory, CEO


Brand positioning is one of the most foundational components of brand building. It sets the stage for every tactic that follows, making it critical to get right.

We worked with NovoScale to create positioning and messaging that reflects the current services and value they provide to clients: ServiceNow simplicity.

We then recommended and executed necessary updates to the NovoScale website, sales deck and sell sheet to support the sales team as they began using the new positioning and messaging.


With brand positioning and messaging in place, we helped NovoScale define an inside sales lead generation model.

After recommending Novoscale transition from Salesforce to HubSpot to reduce operational costs, we interviewed existing customers to better understand their needs, wants and challenges and why they chose to work with NovoScale. We then used that information to identify and create customer personas.

Once we had a better understanding of NovoScale’s customers, we compiled a target account list and contacts at companies who 1) have ServiceNow and 2) have had ServiceNow long enough to require NovoScale’s services.

It required some creative maneuvering beyond standard research to build a list with these specific criteria, but it allowed us to reach out to NovoScale’s best targets at the right time—resulting in three marketing-qualified leads and one opportunity.


In addition to inside sales, we created and executed an outbound email campaign to engage contacts on the target account list who had not shown interest in setting up a meeting.

The original plan was to send a series of four emails. However, after analyzing the results from emails one and two, we determined that the open and click rates weren’t high enough to continue.

We made the decision to reallocate the outbound campaign hours to extend the inside sales campaign—where we were seeing better results—from six to eight weeks to maximize effectiveness and drive results.

“The website redesign is helpful from a sales, marketing and recruiting standpoint. It’s easily navigable, clearly conveys our message and has significantly increased website traffic.”

– Jeffrey Gregory, CEO


After seeing the new positioning and messaging gain traction in the inside sales campaign, we determined it was time to make more than minor changes to the website and recommended a website redesign.

NovoScale had two goals for the redesign: add credibility during the sales process and attract qualified candidates.

NovoScale’s new website needed to not only reflect the “ServiceNow simplicity” positioning (in both language and design), but it also needed to support the sales team’s conversations with prospects about services and competitive differentiators.

With our lead generation efforts well underway, NovoScale recognized they would need staff to manage their projected growth. However, they weren’t generating much interest from candidates using social channels. So we made sure their new website clearly articulated their company culture, the services they provide and their open positions to attract new talent.

We also recommended hosting the redesigned website in HubSpot to provide a full view of not only what prospects were interacting within emails but also on the website.

Read how we helped our client build a sales and marketing infrastructure that supports an evolved brand identity, achieving aggressive growth objectives.
“Symbiont’s clarity and planning around Knowledge was very influential in how we were able to deliver a successful conference."

– Jeffrey Gregory, CEO


It was important that the website redesign was completed in time for Knowledge18, NovoScale’s biggest event of the year. In addition to having the new website ready, we contributed to several other activities to help NovoScale be successful at (and following) Knowledge18.

Prior to the show, we developed and executed an email campaign to help drive traffic to their booth. We also worked with NovoScale to refine the concept and design for their booth, including providing guidance (and lending design skills) for the in-booth game and giveaways.

Following the show, we sent an email follow-up leveraging the game results to remind prospects of who NovoScale was and to re-engage with them.

NovoScale captured over 270 potential customer leads at Knowledge18, a fivefold increase from Knowledge17. And five of those leads have turned into net-new opportunities for NovoScale.


We continue to provide ongoing sales and marketing managed services for NovoScale, helping them with activities like prospecting, HubSpot onboarding, sales enablement content and social media strategy.

We also further refined their sales deck and created a HubSpot dashboard to track and manage sales activities.

“Symbiont is the outside view that helps us get to a solution or strategy. They take our 400 ideas and give us the clarity, focus and execution to get to our end goal. It’s been a very positive experience.”

– Jeffrey Gregory, CEO


Results are the reason we do what we do. NovoScale was able to draw on our expertise and collected skill set to lay the foundation for rapid growth.

We established a lead generation process, elevated their brand awareness as a ServiceNow solutions provider and filled the top of their funnel with leads.

But these are just the tangible things.

And we can’t wait to see what they throw at us next.

Read how we helped our client build a sales and marketing infrastructure that supports an evolved brand identity, achieving aggressive growth objectives.

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