Built an outbound sales program that drove brand awareness and delivered qualified opportunities

Information Technology

+ Developed, planned and executed 3 ongoing outbound Salesforce campaigns

+ Generated 10 qualified leads from net-new Salesforce customer campaign

+ Generated 15 qualified leads from Salesforce account executive campaign

+ Increased brand awareness in the United States market


An established platinum Salesforce consulting partner in the Latin American and European markets, CloudGaia faced the challenge of accelerating a fledgling startup in the United States. To gain a foothold in this new market, CloudGaia sought a U.S.-based agency to support their go-to-market strategy, raise awareness of their services and differentiate their company from other Salesforce partners.

After seeing our past work with other Salesforce partners and our ability to target Salesforce account executives and net-new customers, CloudGaia chose us to concept and execute several sales campaigns.


We helped CloudGaia break into a highly competitive market by customizing their messaging to their audience’s pain points and elevating their authority as a Salesforce partner.

“We knew that differentiating our services in a new market was going to be a challenge. The Symbiont team not only understood how to communicate our value but also knew how to approach Salesforce customers in a way that opened the door for a consulting partner like us.”

– Andrew Bournos, Managing Director of North America at CloudGaia


Since CloudGaia wanted to target small and midsized businesses, we evaluated their services and expertise to figure out the right messaging for their audience.

As SMBs typically hired costly US-based Salesforce consulting services or overseas partners that operated during completely different time zones, CloudGaia presented a third option.

We introduced CloudGaia as a nearshore Salesforce implementation expert with the capability to deliver high-quality work at a flexible price from a schedule-friendly time zone, highlighting the company’s ability to fill gaps unmet by other partners.


The first outbound sales campaign we organized and ran focused on SMBs in Florida and Texas that didn’t have Salesforce, as Salesforce was looking to sell more licenses in those territories.

With this campaign, we enabled CloudGaia to coordinate with Salesforce to identify the right prospects, increasing brand awareness and building a stronger relationship with Salesforce. This helped CloudGaia establish a reputation as a strong Salesforce consulting partner, helping them get more leads, even after the campaign ended.


We developed and executed two other outbound sales campaigns focusing on current Salesforce customers and Salesforce AEs, continuing to target SMBs in Florida and Texas.

With these campaigns, we tailored our approach to each audience’s objectives, communicating CloudGaia’s ability to scale and grow current Salesforce customers’ business and highlighting how they could help AEs deliver results faster and sell more licenses.


Information Technology


Salesforce Consulting Services


CloudGaia is a platinum Salesforce consulting partner with over 14 years of Salesforce implementation experience. The company provides services for Salesforce CORE Clouds, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Data Cloud, approaching every partnership with a customer 360° approach and enabling companies to successfully leverage a trusted, flexible and scalable platform like Salesforce.

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