Why Targeted Outbound Lead Generation is Good For Your Company

Think of it this way: selling door-to-door no longer works for many reasons. Knocking on every door and using the same message won’t help your company acquire any new customers. But what if you knew which doors to knock on, who was going to answer the door and what to say to them?

Outbound Lead Generation

Outbound lead generation is a proactive, integrated sales and marketing approach that focuses on generating qualified leads at a more rapid pace.

Outbound lead generation process
How to make outbound lead generation work

By using this collaborative approach, you can:

  1. Select the companies you want to target (which doors to knock on)
  2. Identify the buyers within the organization (who will answer the door) and
  3. Address their interests and anticipate their concerns (what to say to them)

Inbound lead generation allows your target buyers to consume information at their own pace until they are ready to speak to your sales team. Inbound leads knock on your door when they’re ready. But this approach takes time and often requires a lot of resources to get right. It’s not a matter of one approach versus the other though. Inbound lead generation works best when supported by outbound lead generation. Each can help where the other falls short.

Benefits of outbound lead generation

1. You can shorten your sales cycle

Outbound lead generation is best at hyper-targeting the leads you think are ready to purchase your product or service right now. This integrated approach helps clearly articulate your company’s value proposition and provides your target buyers with the information they need. You know which questions will come up and most importantly, how to answer them.

2. You can build brand awareness more quickly

3. You can test new markets

Outbound lead generation isn’t dead

Inbound lead generation will continues to be one of the top marketing priorities. But just because inbound lead generation is a top priority doesn’t mean outbound lead generation is dead. It’s just no longer the primary focus of your company’s lead generation efforts. The most effective organizations use outbound lead generation tactics to complement their ongoing inbound efforts. With proper targeting and the right approach, you’re far more likely to deliver results sooner through outbound lead generation than inbound.

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