How a Comprehensive ABM Strategy Helps You Engage with B2B Buyers 

First, align your sales and marketing teams.

Evaluate your audience.

plus symbol Hold brainstorming sessions.

Who is dealing with problems or challenges that you can solve? What does their buying process look like? 

Tap the collective wisdom of your marketing, sales and customer service or account management teams to understand your prospects’ main objectives and process and incorporate that knowledge into your ABM strategy. 

plus symbol Research every account you put on your list.

What are their business priorities? How have they been impacted by rising competition or tight budgets?  

Understand if there’s room for potential accounts to grow. If there’s scalability, that signals a high-value account for your business. 

Refine message and content.

plus symbol Personalization is more important than ever.

You need to show you’ve thought through your prospect’s needs and understand how to help them. That you know what their business situation is and how it’s impacting their role specifically. 

Technology that enables dynamic content and personalized snippets can be helpful here, but you’re also going to have to do some true 1:1 personalization for accounts and prospects. Your sales team can help with this (see next section). 

plus symbol Create content that helps your audience.

If you’ve got a planning tool, workbook or some other useful content to share, that’s a great resource for your prospects. Even if they’re not ready to buy at the moment, your content will  influence them when they are in the market. 

Consider digital channels.

plus symbol Inside sales plays a critical role in ABM campaigns.

Your inside sales team is the perfect channel for conducting 1:1 outreach with personalized messaging, getting feedback on that messaging and helping you learn what’s working and what’s not. People want connection, and we’ve seen prospects be more open to conversations with inside salespeople using targeted messaging, even if they’re not ready to buy. 

plus symbol Personalized emails cut through the noise.

Prospects’ inboxes are filled with companies offering generic “we can help you” messages that often go ignored. However, we’ve seen prospects respond to thoughtful, well-crafted emails. That’s where your background research and personalization comes in.  

plus symbol People are using social media to make purchasing decisions.

According to HubSpot, 75% of B2B buyers consult social media along the buying process. So take advantage of that and run some targeted PPC ads as part of your ABM strategy. LinkedIn in particular enables highly precise targeting where you can use personalized messages and helpful content to generate engagement with your target accounts. 

Competition is growing. And your audience is constantly changing.

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