Creating a Top-of-Funnel Sales Pipeline

Valtech wanted to generate demand for their digital agency services in the U.S. While they have a strong European brand presence, Valtech is still growing brand awareness in the U.S.—requiring a reliance on relationships and referrals to fill the sales pipeline. After a few internal attempts to fill the top of the funnel, Valtech recognized the need to bring in an experienced lead generation team.


    • Developed a complete top-of-funnel lead generation process


    • Delivered 27 qualified leads


    • Submitted two proposals totaling $500k


Generate demand for Valtech’s digital agency services in an immature U.S. market as well as build a sales and marketing engine to establish a top-of-funnel sales pipeline.


We created a multistep, multichannel lead generation approach. Our first step was developing two onboarding workshops focused on understanding Valtech’s external market factors—including customers, brand, solutions and competitors—as well as their internal structure, processes, technology and content.


The workshops’ findings were then used to build a customized top-of-funnel lead generation process. Target markets and accounts were identified based on Valtech’s capabilities and experience, and target prospects were researched within those organizations.

“Symbiont Group quickly adopted Valtech’s DNA. They learned, absorbed and expressed Valtech’s brand identity without extensive resource investment in bringing them up to speed. We didn’t need to hold their hand during the onboarding process, and that was extremely beneficial.”

- Rebekah Lundberg, Marketing Director

We recognized during the discovery phase that Valtech’s message wasn’t resonating with a U.S. audience, so a new top-of-funnel message was created and a targeted content plan was executed to distribute it using marketing assets like emails, blogs, white papers and case studies. We also defined a clear lead handoff process to ensure consistent follow-up.


We then established and executed a regimented outbound call campaign focused on target prospects to create interest in Valtech’s services and encourage appointment setting with a Valtech sales account manager. In all, more than 10,000 emails were sent and 2,000 calls were made as part of a three-month campaign outreach effort.


To complement the outbound campaign initiatives, we used email to generate multiple in-person meetings at industry conferences and to set additional meetings with leads sourced from those conferences.

“Valtech produces a lot of content, so the last thing I would have considered a gap was our messaging. But Symbiont Group shed light on the fact that there were areas our marketing messaging wasn’t reaching. That was a surprise.”

- Rebekah Lundberg, Marketing Director

We also made recommendations for further refinement of Valtech’s middle-of-the-funnel lead generation process to ensure the successful transition of qualified leads to Valtech’s sales account teams.


We filled the gaps and connected the dots between Valtech’s sales and marketing strategy, people, processes and technology to establish a sustainable top-of-funnel sales pipeline.


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Valtech is a global digital agency focused on business transformation by continually revolutionizing how clients connect with their consumers.



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