Developing an outbound B2B lead generation campaign

S.W. Anderson built a multi-million dollar business primarily through the field sales efforts of their outside sales teams. Facing increased competition from rival distributors and direct-from-manufacturer sales, S.W. Anderson needed to find more scalable ways to increase share-of-wallet within their existing customer base. They needed a partner that could develop a robust B2B lead generation campaign.

+ Improved the use of inside sales resources as a revenue generating channel

+ Refined go-to-market messaging by highlighting service and product offering differentiators

+ Educated S.W. Anderson on the buyer journey framework and high-velocity sales and marketing model


Demonstrate to S.W. Anderson the value and mechanics of a high-velocity sales and marketing approach through the design and execution of an outbound marketing campaign supported by coordinated inside sales activities.


We worked to first educate S.W. Anderson on the benefits of a high-velocity sales and marketing approach as a way to engage both existing and potential customers and build trust and credibility.

Through the use of educational workshops, we introduced the buyer journey framework and the importance of aligning the company’s ongoing sales and marketing activities at each stage in the buyer journey.

We helped S.W. Anderson refine their go-to-market messaging, by highlighting their service and product offering differentiators in the market.

“Symbiont spent time understanding our business and getting to know us. They turned that knowledge into a solid foundation for all of our marketing programs.”

– Jim Degnan, President

Armed with the new campaign message, Symbiont provided inside sales resources to make outbound follow-up calls to participants of the email campaign, with follow-ups prioritized based on the level of engagement.

Our inside sales reps worked with S.W. Anderson’s product sales engineers to identify, qualify and nurture new opportunities generated from the campaign.

“They educated our sales team on how a well-run, integrated marketing campaign provides significant support towards achieving our sales revenue goals.”

– Jim Degnan, President


Our work with S.W. Anderson gave them a better understanding of a high-velocity sales and marketing. This allowed S.W. Anderson to establish more effective marketing capabilities and improve the use of its inside sales resources as a revenue generating channel.

This integrated sales and marketing campaign established more effective capabilities that they can now leverage moving forward.

Read about how we developed an outbound B2B lead generation campaign to increase share-of-wallet for our client, S.W. Anderson.

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S.W. Anderson is your local engineering representative and stocking distributor of specialty fasteners, standard fasteners and the other OEM components that you need to keep your business running smoothly. With five stocking locations and area sales engineers located nationwide, S.W. Anderson works in your neighborhood.

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