Nick Moulton


Nick is short for Nicholas. But he rarely goes by that name, which—in his opinion—is as formal as it gets. There’ve been a few other nicknames over the years, including Roadrunner after an intense summer of Kick the Can, but Nick is the only one that stuck.

Hard work, perseverance and preparation are the attributes Nick prides himself on the most. He likes a challenge and will do everything in his power to find a solution.

This makes him a natural fit at Symbiont, where Nick is responsible for building contact lists, making connections and engaging prospects on behalf of our clients and our company.

Previously, Nick worked in both outside sales and digital marketing. Selling face-to-face gave him great speaking experience and the ability to identify both verbal and nonverbal customer cues. His role in digital sales made him well-versed in Google Ad Manager and Google Analytics, which helps him gain further insights into customer behavior.

Whether it’s skydiving, roller coasters or scary movies, Nick has always been one for thrills. Running is also a passion of his, and he’s preparing for his second marathon.

roller coasters ridden
crazy time skydiving
large popcorns ordered at movies

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