Nick Burkhardt


Nick made the natural shift from Nicholas to Nick, but he didn’t stop there. To all but family, Nick’s known as Burky, a moniker that plays on his last name. 

At Symbiont, Nick puts his expertise in relationship building and campaign management to good use while prospecting, lead nurturing and developing new business for Symbiont and our clients. He knows how to work a room. 

But that’s not all. Nick’s skillset extends to content creation, backed by his photography hobby and expert knowledge of Adobe Suite. 

A huge foodie, Nick can be found searching for the best chicken wings on Earth or listening to classic rock by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or Ozzy. Besides his adventures in food and music, he’s an avid League of Legends fan. 

pets named after classic rock artists
Michelin-star worthy pasta dishes made weekly
episodes of Game of Thrones watched
(in two weeks)

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