Mandy Lewis

Head of Client Services + Marketing Strategist

Mandy. Not short for Amanda, which is derived from Latin as “lovable.” Mandy is NOT lovable. Don’t let her huggable 5’0” frame fool you, she can and will “kapow” anyone at anytime.

As a lifelong marketer and Head of Client Services for Symbiont, Mandy Lewis is responsible for making sure client marketing strategy is on point, projects remain on track and that our clients are happy clients—as well as paying clients (kapow!).

Mandy has worked with numerous companies over her career, such as AbbVie, Allstate, Discover Financial Services, Office Max and Waters—helping them wrestle their digital marketing, ecommerce and digital strategy to the ground.

A founding member of Symbiont, Mandy bonded with co-founders Davin and JBB over their shared philosophy of doing digital differently. Leveraging digital communications as the safety net for your entire customer experience.

Mandy adores music. And she would have been a concert pianist too, except that she learned to play piano too late in life. Not that she’s bitter about it.

campaigns promoted
Guinness World Record (seriously)
bedtime stories read

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