Lars Wasvick


To nip an "eee" nickname in the bud (e.g., Timmy, Tommy, Joey, Jimmy), his parents named him Lars, which coincidentally is a Scandinavian spin on Lawrence. He'll respond to Lars or L-Dub, but don't you dare call him Larry.

As Campaign Manager, Lars is responsible for creating, managing, executing and analyzing B2B marketing campaigns. Working in lockstep with clients, he strives to build intelligent inbound and outbound marketing programs for demand generation, lead nurturing and sales enablement.

A fintech veteran, he spent more than ten years at Morningstar as a product and marketing manager, and worked in the consulting space at Aon and The Alexander Group running content-focused lead generation campaigns. Prior to joining Symbiont, he directed the marketing department at a financial advisory firm, developing marketing solutions for its nationwide network of affiliated advisors.

Lars has worked with several CRM and marketing automation platforms throughout his career and has managed social media communications for a number of organizations, both large and small.

A glutton for punishment and inflicting it on others, Lars enjoys running long distances for participation medals and telling dad jokes.

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