John Hunt


The only thing John has in common with famous people is that he’s often referred to by his full name: John Hunt. Is it because it rolls off the tongue nicely, or because there’s usually another John around? Who’s to say.

At Symbiont, John connects with prospects, drives new business and forges lasting relationships. He taps into his past experience in marketing and sales at organizations like Adobe and OpenMarkets to help our clients reach their goals.

When not helming the phones at Symbiont, John is a (self-proclaimed) master baker. He’s conquered the chocolate chip cookie, makes a mean banana bread and perfected what must be the platonic ideal of a cinnamon roll.

Once John wipes the flour off his hands, he heads to his computer to play in weekly tournaments of League of Legends. It’s a multiplayer online battle arena game. And yeah, we didn’t know what that was either.

records collected (and counting)
candles burned this year
ounces of water drank per day

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