Gabriel Esuola

Business Development Rep

Some call Gabe the Jolly Green Giant. And while Gabe is jolly, he’s definitely not green. But his favorite color is.

Gabe is a connector and a communicator. When he’s not playing Connect Four, he’s busy connecting businesses to Symbiont’s sales and marketing strategists. He also works with the POD’s copywriter, designer and digital marketing manager, supplying insight that helps keep the sales and marketing teams aligned.

Gabe’s specialty is uncovering new opportunities. If they are out there, Gabe will find them. His energy and passion helps push our business forward.

As our resident musician, Gabe is a highly coveted trivia team member due to his extensive music knowledge. A self-proclaimed “classic man,” there’s one thing Gabe can’t do: swim. But he’s taking lessons soon. He promises.

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