Dorinne Hoss

Dorinne claims to not have a nickname. However, she does admit people have a tendency to shout “Hoss” when calling her attention from across a room. And she always responds.

In her past work life, Dorinne helped B2B companies establish and optimize their demand generation functions and marketing automation systems.

At Symbiont, Dorinne is responsible for leading the creation, execution and measurement of campaigns. She works closely with both sales and marketing to create integrated campaigns with just the right mix of inbound, outbound, lead nurturing and sales enablement to ensure clients achieve their objectives.

When she’s not busy whipping up campaigns at work, Dorinne enjoys making complicated desserts in the kitchen. Her success rate is only about 50%, but it’s more about the experimentation than the results. And she has an office full of guinea pigs to test her creations on.

marketing campaign ideas generated
dog accounts followed on Instagram
Vegas vacations taken

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