Diego Millares


Diego “Mudd” Millares. Why Mudd? Let’s just say long hair and street skateboarding didn’t always mix well.

While Diego considers himself an expert in everything and a master of none, he actually has quite a bit of experience in sales and relationship building. Which, you know, comes in handy at his day job.

At Symbiont, Diego is responsible for targeting prospects, following up on leads and driving new business for our clients. He draws on his diverse experience as a former missionary, food truck salesperson and software and solutions rep to engage whomever he connects with.

Diego’s long skateboarder hair may be a thing of the past, but he’s still hair obsessed. This time it’s with the full beard he just can’t seem to grow. But he’s still trying, he promises.

trips to Universal Studios
visits to Disney World
grams of protein consumed daily

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