Davin Gallego

Co-Founder & Head of Delivery

No, not David. Also goes by Ciao!, Beloved One and Dark Night Davin. Don’t ask unless you really want to know.

As Head of Delivery, Davin is responsible for the consistency and quality of services. He oversees B2B sales and marketing technology implementation (ensuring what you bought operates properly in its environment), project management (managing the building of complex things) and organizational change management (convincing, educating and adopting those just-built complex things).

He has worked with several B2B organizations throughout his career, including Worthington Industries, Abbott Laboratories, Qualcomm and Fruition Partners, just to name drop a few.

Davin embraces his geekdom and admits to being fascinated by how people use and value technology. So he started Symbiont to help organizations evolve to meet the needs of the ever-changing digital landscape.

When Davin isn’t busy rescuing companies from their digital dilemmas, he can be found singing karaoke. Or enjoying fine cuisine. He doesn’t recommend doing both at the same time.

passwords changed
Journey songs sung
jars of peanut butter consumed (weekly)

We help B2B companies connect, engage, retain, reactivate and sell MORE through targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

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