Clark Gapen


Clark, plain and simple. “CJ” was given a trial run when Clark was a kid to avoid confusion around the house (his dad is also Clark). That lasted about a week.

At Symbiont, Clark strives to connect with prospects on a human level, introducing them to companies and solutions that will make their lives easier.

Clark has a knack for active listening. He considers this the first and most crucial step to understanding customer challenges and developing business relationships. His background in SaaS and healthcare B2B sales has given him a lot to listen to over the years.

An avid film buff, Clark spends much of his free time watching and reading about movies. He is also a voracious consumer of indie music and will gladly argue with anyone about whether Radiohead is overrated or if vinyl sounds noticeably better than digital (it does not, but records are still great).

times watched The Social Network
concerts attended this year
Fantasy Football games won (lifetime)

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