Caiman Stevens


No nickname needed here. Caiman’s not a name you’d often mix up, and that’s because his dad, John Henry Stevens IV, wanted to name his kids something unique (anything but John).  

As a Business Development Representative at Symbiont Group, Caiman helps our clients grow their businesses by delivering them potential new customers. With a background in sales, Caiman’s always had his eye on client success and growth, making him the right fit for the job.  

No matter the subject, Caiman’s a knowledge enthusiast who loves to research and organize, which means he gets invested in any project he starts.  

But when he’s not learning something new, you can find Caiman getting knee surgery. . . again. Or listening to Taylor Swift’s 1989 on repeat. (Hopefully it’s the latter, not the former.)  

pairs of sneakers currently owned
years of Taylor Swift as Spotify Wrapped’s #1 Artist of the Year 
hours spent coaching soccer (every weekend) 

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