Bill Jacobson


Bill, legally William, doesn’t limit his options when it comes to monikers. He’ll answer to Bill, Billy, Billard, Billiam—whatever name best suits the occasion.

And Bill’s easy-going nature makes him a perfect fit for building relationships. In fact, he considers talking to people and helping them solve problems his areas of expertise.

That works out well for us, considering his work at Symbiont includes developing business relationships with clients and prospects. He’s also responsible for performing outreach, following up on leads and driving new business.

Bill doesn’t just go with the flow; he loves to go, period. He spent a year traveling and playing professional poker. He’s also addicted to Survivor, keeping notes for success on his phone in case he ever gets the chance to compete.

dunks successfully completed
countries visited
(and counting)
Chipotle burritos consumed

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