Annie Morrissey


Annie, also known as Reims or Annabelle. Not known as Anna-Banana or any other such Fo-Fanna nonsense.

At Symbiont, Annie is responsible for identifying sales opportunities, qualifying sales leads, building relationships with clients and prospects and finding creative solutions to complex challenges. Additionally, she helps drive recruitment for the Sales Team.

Annie’s background is B2B mixed with some B2C experience in high-end retail. Her strengths include building strong books of business and providing outstanding client service.

Her weaknesses include an affinity for sharks. While not a fan of meeting one in real life, Annie likes watching them on TV during Shark Week—a weeklong holiday at her house. We can’t imagine that makes her two cats very happy.

completed NYT Sunday crosswords (lifetime)
adjectives in morning Starbucks drink order
states road-tripped through

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