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We’re a lead generation agency. That means lead generation isn’t what we do. It’s everything we do.

Sales. Marketing. Technology. We tie it all together to form one lead-generating super team that makes more money for your business in less time.

And because all righteous super teams need a credo, we adhere to a high-velocity sales & marketing philosophy.

What the heck is
High-Velocity Sales & Marketing?

High-velocity sales & marketing combines the individual powers of sales and marketing to accelerate opportunities through your pipeline while building the foundation for sustainable and scalable revenue growth.


This one-two punch uses both inbound and outbound sales and marketing tactics to:

1. Target key decision makers with content relevant to their needs and challenges
2. Follow up with prospects to determine whether or not they’re ready to buy now
3. Engage and educate those not-ready-to-buy-now leads until they are ready


Long story short: crossing your fingers and hoping customers find you doesn’t work. Unless, of course, you’re fantastically lucky or magical. Then, by all means, cross away.


The rest of us need to create opportunities to engage prospects and speedily guide them towards making a purchase. And that, friends, is what high-velocity sales & marketing is all about.

Marketing Strategy & Planning

While strategy is a critical first step, it doesn’t accomplish anything unless it’s actionable. If you don’t have an actionable marketing strategy, you can’t grow your business. And that’s how companies get stuck.


The key to getting unstuck is to ask why. Why this goal? Why that audience? Why should they care about your products or services? How do they buy from your company (ok, not technically a “why” question but roll with us here)?


We’ll help you answer the “whys” then use them to develop the “what” that will move your business forward.

Services include:
• Market and customer research
• Target audience definition
• Value proposition development
• Product and service positioning
• Buyer personas
• Buyer journeys

Services include:
• Content strategy
• Branding and messaging
• Copywriting
• Search engine optimization
• Blogging
• Content development

Content Creation & Design

What sends high-velocity sales & marketing into overdrive? If you guessed targeted, compelling content, you’ve got a gold star coming your way.


Content is targeted and compelling when it focuses on the things your particular buyers care about, want to achieve, don’t understand or are scared of – not the details of your product or service’s features, cool as they may be.


Those interests are then mapped to the various stages of the buyer journey, getting you in front of your customers at precisely the right moment with exactly the right content.

Sales & Marketing Technology

So you purchased a shiny new piece of sales and marketing technology. Congrats! And you totally know how to use it to its full potential, right?

Lots of companies think technology is the solution to all their lead generation problems. But acquiring the technology is really only the beginning.


We’ll train your team on how to properly install, integrate, set up and use your technology so that you can get the most out of your (very expensive) investment.

Services include:
• Platform configuration
• Integration services
• Training and education
• Audits and assessments

Services include:
• Operating models
• Process definition
• Sales change management
• Marketing change management

Change Management

You can’t grow without change. But change is hard. And new technologies and processes can be confusing for the team adopting them.


If change were a bike, organizational change management would be the training wheels that keep your team pedaling towards your goals while learning to ride on their own.


We’ll arm your team with both the knowledge and skills required to not only know what needs to be done and how to do it but also why it matters—so they continue doing it long after the training wheels come off.

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is everything your team needs to effectively communicate and engage with your prospects at every stage of the sale.


That includes all the processes, knowledge and content that improves the productivity of your sales team and allows them to get the most out of their interactions with your buyers.


Because improved productivity and optimized interaction is how you close more deals more quickly. And that’s what we call a win-win, people.

Services include:
• Sales operations
• Lead management
• Pipeline management
• Sales playbooks
• Sales collateral
• Channel / field sales support

Services include:
• List building
• Targeted sales outreach
• Outbound sales support
• Inside sales management
• Inside sales training

Inside Sales

Some things in life can’t (or shouldn’t) be automated. Human interaction is one of them.


Our extremely human inside sales team reaches out to your equally human customers to quickly establish rapport, build trust and discern their unique challenges.


When you understand your buyers and diligently monitor their interaction with your company, you can determine when they’re ready to make a purchase and can promptly sell them what they need.

Marketing Automation

Just because a prospect isn’t ready to buy right now doesn’t mean you should banish them to the island of misfit leads.


Ignoring potential customers is shortsighted and foolish. Marketing automation is how you effectively qualify leads, stay top of mind and stop leaving money on the table.


We’ll help you proactively nurture your leads throughout every stage of the buyer journey, providing them with the personalized stream of content and information they need to confidently make a purchasing decision in their own time.

Services include:
• Campaign management
• Landing pages
• Lead scoring
• Lead nurturing
• Marketing operations

Services include:
• Email marketing
• Content marketing
• Search engine marketing
• Social media marketing
• Trade show marketing
• Reporting and analytics

Marketing Execution

You know your company is crazy awesome. But do your future customers?


You aren’t Kevin Costner and your content isn’t the Field of Dreams. If you build it, they probably won’t come. You need to actively spread the word.


We’ll help you distribute your content, find your audience and step out from the shadows of your competitors, analyzing and measuring the results along the way to make sure we’re as effective as possible.

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