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Andrew Shubel


Andrew doesn’t have a nickname. Some people call him Shubel, or Shubes for short, but nothing official. He’s currently taking suggestions and weighing his options.


At Symbiont, Andrew is responsible for identifying and nurturing sales leads for both our clients and our company.


His knowledge of different products and industries allows him to uncover a prospect’s interests and get them talking. He’s also an expert at overcoming objections and turning negatives into positives, which comes in handy.


When he isn’t chatting up prospects or looking on the bright side, Andrew plays a crucial role in keeping our team aligned by providing insightful sales feedback to our marketers.


If you’ve received a phone call from us, chances are it came from Andrew. And just because his voice sounds a bit higher on the phone than in real life, doesn’t mean you can ma’am him. You’ve been warned.